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Welcome to Pure Massage Oils.com

My name is Tracey Stranger and I’m delighted to share this site with you, where you will find truly natural information and inspiration that will boost your health and well being.

You can visit my Shopping Website for a wide range of beautiful, pure massage oils. Here at this site I write regular articles to uplift and inform you.

I am passionate about natural health and the body’s ability to heal itself.

With my scientific and natural health experience I help bridge the gap from science to the significant benefits nature has to offer.

My experience comes from 13 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry and the last 9 years spent in the Nutraceutical Industry. Learn more about me at www.traceystranger.com

There is growing scientific evidence and great consumer awareness of the benefits of nature and in the context of truth, quality and integrity.

I love to help individuals and business grow for the good of our health and our planet.


The pure essential oils we use are the finest grade and all naturally extracted.

We source as many products as we can from Australia.

All our blends are prepared in a nurturing and harmonious environment.

humanbodyThe human body is an incredible creation.   If only we could truly take care our ourselves, not load our bodies with toxins, and essentially eat, breath, think and live a healthy live, then our bodies are more then capable of staying healthy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can all help each other be inspired to live each and every day in a healthy and inspiring way.

Pure essential oils and massage oils are a great start in the day to nurture yourself and your environment.

Please email me at tracey@essentialhealth.com.au

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