10 Suprising Uses for Essential Oils

by tracey

single-lavender-flowerEveryone knows lavender oil helps you relax and citrus oil is a great natural cleaner, but there are plenty of other uses for essential oils that are not commonly known. From health remedies for minor ailments to using essential oils for weight loss, there are plenty of surprising uses for these natural powerhouses.

1. Unblock Tear Ducts Rub lavender oil into the bridge of your nose to help unclog blocked tear ducts. Your ducts might be blocked if your eyes are stinging and burning, unable to water or “tear up,” or if it constantly feels as if there is something irritating them.

2. Improve Leg Circulation Creating a blend of a base oil and several drops of lemon oil makes a great massage oil for your legs. If you have been sitting for a long period of time or your legs feel restless, you might have a circulation issue.

3. Ease the Pain of Chapped Lips If your lips are dry and chapped, or sunburned, a drop of lavender oil massaged into the lip and surrounding area helps ease the stinging discomfort. This is much better than gooping on the high chemical lip balms on the market. Many even believe those lip balms have addictive ingredients.

4. Boost a Workout A few sniffs of peppermint oil right before a workout will ward off fatigue and help you give 100 percent to the entire workout. It will also boost your mood, making your workout less of a chore.

5. Grow Your Hair Faster Massage rosemary oil into the scalp to encourage hair growth. It also soothes itching and helps ward off flakes from dandruff.

6. Remove Tough Stains One or two drops of lemon oil can help you remove grease spots, oil, and crayon stains from fabric. It is also effective in removing gum stuck on fabric.

7. Lower Elevated Body Temperature Rubbing peppermint oil on feet can help bring down a person’s temperature. This is especially helpful when children get sick and their temperatures skyrocket. Consult your pediatrician before using the oil, but as long as your child is healthy otherwise, it should not be a problem.

8. Increase the Shelf Life of Fruit Before storing your fruit, dip it into a bowl filled with cold water and two or three drops of lemon oil. Make sure the fruit is completely covered in the water and then allow it to dry naturally. The citrus oils slow the spoiling process.

9. Lose Weight Grapefruit oil dissolves fat and reduces water retention. The limonene is graprefruit releases fatty acids into the bloodstream, which then breaks down and become energy. The oil is also an appetite suppressant, so inhaling the scent before eating reduces your appetite.peppermint

10. Cure Hiccups Peppermint oil rubbed into the fifth cervical vertebra, a few inches below the back of the neck can bring hiccups to an end.

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