Essential Oil Recipies & Meditation


Introducing Meditation & The Art of Quality Breathing


The Art Of Breathing Made Easy – Meditation CD by Kawena




80 year young Kawena is an inspiration to young and old with her years of experience motivating and teaching others. Peace of Mind is essential to bring clarity and calm mentally and emotionally.

This CD includes: Introduction, Breathing Exercises, Peace and Calm Meditation and Manifesting your Spiritual Connection meditation 


It doesn’t take much each day to STOP and REMEMBER to breathe more deeply. It is of benefit physically, emotionally and mentally. Why not burn pure essential oils in your oil burner while you “chill out” “wind down” simply RELAX.


 Essential Oils For Your Oil Burner at Home or Work


These essential oils will inspire and invigorate you.


Are you considering Changing Your Life’s Direction?

in an electric oil burner:


   2 drops clary sage warm, relaxing eases stress, pick me up for nerves
   2 drops cypress – strengthens mind, soothes anger
   2 drops sweet marjoram analgesic, helpful for headache, poor circulation
   2 drops sweet orange reviving when lacking energy, giving positive feeling

Make that move! The first step is always the most difficult – Remember to Breathe Deeply.  



Aroma Body Beautiful: Natural Australian Soaps


Goatsmilk Lavender & Patchouli

Goatsmilk with 100% pure essential oils. Nourishing Australian handmade natural soap.
Natural Olive & Vegetable oils with Organic plant extracts and clays.
Goatsmilk is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins that naturally soften and moisturise the skin.


Especially nourishing and gentle for sensitive skin. I love Goatsmilk soap it is so smooth. 


Be Bold and Trust in a New Adventure.






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