Aromatherapy for Kings & Queens


Aromatherapy is an ancient tradition. Treat yourself and Indulge this Christmas like the ancients did.

Frankincense was extensively used in the times of the Queen of Sheeba & King Solomon.

Frankincense was used for religious ceremonies and regarded as a Gift to God. Mystical and Uplifting

Frankincense Pure Essential Oil 12ml                 Slows breathing, gives feeling of calm. Elevating and soothing on the mind. Helpful for anxious states and post natal depression. Great for aging skin. Soothes the stomach, helping with digestion.   Normally $19.95, now $18.00

Vetiver Pure Essential Oil 12ml                              A calming, nurturing oil.
Has a balancing and strong grounding effect on the mind, giving a centred feeling. Helpful in cases of mental and physical exhaustion. Eases muscular aches and pains.        Normally $17.50, now $16.00  

Essential Health Australia’s Specials this Month invite you to Treat yourself as Queens and Kings. Experience the mystical aromatherapy wash away the stress and tension in your life, breathe deeply and Relax!

Merry Xmas & A Healthy Safe & Creatively Prosperous New Year!


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