Benefits of Basil Oil

by tracey

Basil is a term often associated with cooking, but basil oil offers a variety of health benefits and is an important part of an essential oil collection. Basil oil has the ability to ease nausea and motion sickness, help with respiratory problems, and treat infections. It is also a great source of several vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, vitamin A, iron, calcium, and potassium.

Basil oil has been a part of ancient medicinal treatments for centuries. Healers used essential oil to treat digestive issues including everything from stomach cramps to flatulence to indigestion. The oil is also helpful for respiratory issues and head colds. It eases coughs and sinus infections, and has even been effective for treating whooping cough.

Basil oil can be used to treat emotional distress, too. It eases nervous tension, depression, and mental fatigue. If you experience work-related stress, try adding a few drops of basil oil to an oil burner in your office so you can smell the fragrance throughout the day.

Beyond the main ailments basil oil treats, it has also shown promise for treating fertility issues, headache, menstrual disorders, muscle pain, and emphysema.

In addition to treating a variety of health conditions, basil oil can also be an effective addition to a skincare treatment. Some find it brings a lustrous look to skin and helps to tone skin. It can also be used to treat skin infections and acne.

If you are looking for a versatile oil to add to your collection or you need an oil to treat one of the specific disorders listed above, basil oil is a great investment.

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