Benefits of Peppermint Oil

by tracey

Peppermint oil is versatile and also one of the most popular oils for new essential oil practitioners. It has a familiar fragrance that evokes memories of candy and holiday celebrations. In addition to its pleasant aroma, peppermint oil features a number of healing properties.

Peppermint oil comes directly from the peppermint plant. As a matter of fact, crushing a peppermint leaf between your fingers is enough to extract the sweet oil. Peppermint oil is often used in cooking, but is also a popular addition to beauty products and cosmetics. The cool tingling sensation of the oil creates a pleasant shampoo or healing lip balm.

Peppermint’s medicinal qualities are an effective treatment for digestive disorders. It helps ease heartburn, indigestion, nausea, IBS symptoms, gas, gastrointestinal cramping, vomiting, morning sickness, and bacterial growth in the small intestine. Peppermint can also ease coughs, clear sinuses, and ease sore throats. It is also an effective treatment for gallbladder problems and menstrual pain.

When applied topically, peppermint can ease headaches, toothaches, itchiness, and various allergic reactions. Some find peppermint provides clarity of mind. Research has shown that if a student inhales peppermint while studying, he or she is more easily able to recall information at test time.

Peppermint is relatively safe, but if you notice headaches, flushing, burning during bowel movements, or heartburn in response to peppermint use, refrain from using it until you determine if you are having an allergic or other negative reaction. It is also important to be aware whether or not peppermint will interfere with any medications you currently use to treat health problems. If you want to incorporate peppermint oil into your healthy living plan, be sure to share your intentions with your physician.

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