Brighten Your Life with Lemon Oil

by tracey

lemonAs one of the most common oils, lemon oil has a number of uses. Its aroma is fresh and bright, making it one of the most pleasant oils to use. Lemon has antiseptic properties that researchers believe have a positive effect on the immune system. There are many uses for lemon oil in the kitchen, around the house, and for hygienic purposes.

Lemon oil is safe to use around food, making it one of the kitchen’s most popular oils. Lemon oil can be used to flavor baked goods, but make sure your oil is pure and food-safe. Lemon oil also extends the life of fresh fruit. Clean fruit and submerge it in a bowl of cold water with two to three drops of lemon oil. Fresh lemonade can be made with lemon oil by mixing two drops of oil and two table spoons of honey with two to three cups of water.

Lemon oil is also a great product to use for cleaning. Lemon oil is effective for moving gum and grease spots. It can also be mixed with water and used as an all-purpose cleaner. The aroma of lemon oil is clean and refreshing, so put a few drops on kitchen towels or use an oil diffuser to give your kitchen a fresh scent. Adding a few drops of lemon oil to carpet cleaning solution or a vacuum cleaner bag enables you to spread the fresh scent throughout your entire home.

There are also a number of hygienic uses for lemon oilLemon oil soothes sore gums, improves circulation, and clears up athlete’s foot. Rubbing a blend of lemon oil and a base oil on cellulite flushes body toxins and leaves skin looking supple and smooth. The blemishes and splotchy appearance of oily skin can also benefit from lemon oil. Blend a few drops into your facial moisturizer at night to keep skin balanced and healthy.

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