Can Essential Oils Replace Pharmaceuticals?

by tracey

If you are looking for natural alternatives to drugs and medications recommended by your doctor, you are not alone. Patients ask their doctors all the time if there are things they can do to cure or manage diseases without the side effects of common medications.

Unfortunately, some doctors are reluctant to give alternatives. Sometimes this is a lack of awareness about alternatives. If patients educate themselves about the advantages of essential oils and other natural options, their doctors might support their decision to go that route.

Other doctors believe pharmaceuticals are the only option and frown on natural alternatives. There is a variety of reasons your doctor might choose to be a part of this group, but if you prefer natural solutions when possible, it might be time to ask for a second opinion.

The truth is, there are many instances in which natural remedies, including essential oils, can offer just as effective a solution as “popping a pill.” If you are currently taking medication for a chronic issue or your doctor has recommended medication for a health issue, but you prefer a natural solution, consider the following:

  • Has your doctor flat-out told you a natural remedy is not an option? There are some instances in which pharmaceuticals are the best option, so do not assume they are always unhealthy or not worth the risk.
  • Is the medication recommended intended to treat a curable problem or will you use it to manage symptoms of a chronic problem? Essential oils can be effective in either instance, but your decision concerning your options will differ based on the length of your treatment phase.
  • Have you had positive or negative experiences with essential oils in the past? If you have used essential oils for other reasons, medical or otherwise, and you had a negative reaction, you might be allergic. This can vary from oil to oil, so do not assume if you are allergic to one, all are out of the question. Just be sure to let your doctor know of your previous bad reaction.

Whether or not essential oils can replace pharmaceuticals for treating a disease or condition varies from person to person and circumstance to circumstance. When in doubt, research your options, speak with your doctor, and make your decision based on sound medical evidence.

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