Commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet on 26th January 1788. On 26 January 1788, the fleet of 11 ships set anchor in Sydney Cove, the male convicts were unshipped and the flag was raised in the name of King George III. We Celebrate!




Chinese New Year


2009 is the Year of the Ox, which symbolises prosperity from slow and steady work. Stability and Growth will come with Patience. Strong, sincere, reliable and down to earth are Ox qualities





New Moon in Aquarius




The New Moon is always a time to set new goals, new beginnings for the month ahead. Plant new seeds that will be fully illuminated by the Full Moon on 9th February (in Leo). This New Moon is in the constellation Aquarius supporting your very UNIQUE INDIVIDUALITY to shine. New ideas, new inventions, unusual, exciting, friendship and freedom qualities are strengthened.


Also Aquarius means our actions will be more humanitarian for the good of all, with a stronger tendency to form groups and communities that support each other. To see the bigger picture and play our part with vigour and inspiration.



Aroma Body Beautiful: Natural Australian Soaps with essential oils


Australian Bush Blend with Australian red & black clay  ONLY $5.50

100% Pure Essential Oils in Moisturising Shea Butter plus Natural Olive & Vegetable oils.
This is a gourmet handcrafted natural soap containing moisturising shea butter which helps improve skin suppleness. Organic herbs and plant extracts are used in harmony with essential oils to heighten the therapeutic benefits on the body, mind and soul.



Rough, Dry Working Hands revive with pure essential oils

This simple blend can be used daily and will promote skin regeneration.


10ml Calendula Base Oil – keeps skin moisturised and nourished        
3 drops lavender – 
promotes growth of new skin      
3 drops blue chamomile – excellent for dry, dehydrated skin   

Mix well, apply to hands morning, night and after washing during the day.

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