Citronella Oil

by tracey

Free Pictures | acobox.comIf you burn candles in your outdoor space to prevent an onslaught of mosquitoes and other bugs, the candles are probably citronella scented. They usually have a strong odor and they do a great job of protecting you from being eaten alive when enjoying the outdoors. In addition to citronella candles, you can also burn the pure essential oil in an oil burner or you can create a lotion or massage oil that will work just as well keeping bugs away. In addition to outdoor pests like mosquitoes, it also works for deterring moths when drops are sprinkled on wool clothing.

Citronella has a fresh, slightly lemony scent and blends well with oils like bergamont, basil, pine, and citrus oils like lime, lemon, lemongrass, and orange. In addition to chasing away pests, it also has a number of therapeutic benefits. Its stimulating, refreshing scent works well as an antidepressant. The scent reminds people of warm days spent outdoors, a memory that often lifts the spirit during cold winter months. If you are feeling blue because winter has worn out its welcome, use an oil burner to steep some citronella oil and it should lift your mood.Free Pictures |

Citronella also makes a great antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial oil. Its use should be avoided for children younger than 3 years old. It can be used to treat wounds and it soothes sore muscles. Putting a few drops into a warm bath promotes perspiration and helps the body rid itself of waste. Your skin will feel healthy and fresh, and your immune system will get a boost.

If you want to keep the easy-going feel of summer all year long, keep some citronella oil on hand. You can use it on your skin, burn it around your home, and add it to wax to create your own citronella candles. Citronella is an all-purpose oil that chases away the bugs and keeps you feeling fresh.

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