Cold Outside – But Hot Under the Covers!

by tracey

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Did You Know?…

Cleopatra used the power of aroma to alert her approach and achieve her will. Before floating down the Nile into Mark Antony’s awaiting arms, she would scent the sails of her barge so the sweet aromas could be picked up before being seen. She would then use essential oils in massage to fragrance her body and make her more desirable…

Now, I can’t see us all rushing out to douse our cars in rose and sandalwood oils to attract the opposite sex’s attention, but what we can do is utilise some traditional uses of essential oils and incorporate them into our present lives to put the electricity back in our relationships.

sandalwood_1Sandalwood is a very relaxing oil, soothes nervous tension and anxiety and is more sedative than uplifting. Its aphrodisiac qualities can relieve sexual problems such as frigidity and impotence, perhaps dealing with the underlying anxiety. Its antispasmodic and tonic action on the body can encourage relaxation and a feeling of well being.

Sandalwood is also helpful with chest infections, sore throats and dry coughs which accompany bronchitis and lung infections. It is very relaxing and aids sleep when catarrhal conditions are present.

Sandalwood helps to stimulate the immune system and keep infection at bay.

As Above, So Below…


Full Moon on Monday 8th June. The magnificent Full Moon is illuminating bringing projects to fulfilment. A time of celebration and insights into the fullness of what you are seeking.

Enjoy a romantic walk at sunset as the full moon appears in the sky. Look up appreciate the wonder and magic of the stars above.

Open your heart to the fullness of love and enjoy this full moon with whatever makes your heart sing.

“Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence”.
Henry Louis Mencken

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