Combating Seasonal Allergies with Essential Oils

by tracey

Free Pictures | acobox.comThose who suffer from seasonal allergies may cope by visiting their doctors on the regular basis for allergy shots or by taking several allergy pills each day to ease their symptoms. Left untreated, allergies are a miserable nuisance and can be just as debilitating as actually having a cold or the flu. The next time the sniffling and sneezing begins, try a natural remedy instead of heading to the pharmacy counter. You may find using essential oils boosts your overall health and you can avoid the side effects of allergy pills and shots. Essential oils do not lead to drowsiness and they will leave you feeling better than ever, reducing stress while treating the allergy symptoms. If you are looking for a natural way to combat allergies, try one of the following pure essential oil solutions:

Lavender Oil

While often thought of for its stress reduction and relaxation benefits, lavender oil is also one of the best oils for combating allergies. Lavender acts as an antihistamine, clearing sinus and respiratory passages. You can use it by blending with a base or carrier oil and massage it into the chest, sinuses and cheeks. It also makes a great addition to a diffuser and creates a wonderfully relaxing scent in a room. You can also inhale lavender directly from the bottle which helps clear out your sinus passages. Best of all, it can be inhaled as often as necessary with no side effects. You may also want to try bathing with natural lavender soap. This is a great way to get the allergy relief of lavender while softening your skin.

Eucalyptus Oil

Another great essential oil option for treating allergies naturally is eucalyptus. With its clean, bright smell, you will notice immediate health improvements when eucalyptus is inhaled or applied to the skin. It is known for its ability to ease scratchy, sore throats, help with the symptoms of colds and flu, relieve asthma symptoms, and clear the head. Eucalyptus can be applied topically after blending with a base or carrier oil, or you can inhale the scent directly from the bottle. Also try taking a hot shower with eucalyptus oil, allowing the aromatic steam to ease allergy symptoms.

If you are looking for a perfect mix of oils to ease allergy symptoms, try the Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend. These pure essential oils break up head congestion, and make breathing easier. Using the blend helps to clear the lungs and the sinuses. It works well for allergies, as well as colds and flu, and will help you get control of the excess mucus that is produced in any of these circumstances.

If a change in the weather leaves you feeling attacked by the allergy-inducing pollen in the air, try essential oils to help you control your reactions and enjoy the season.

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