Creating Great Gifts with Essential Oils

by tracey

If you are struggling to find just the right gift for someone you love, essential oils may be the solution. There are a variety of things that can be done with essential oils, many of which make luxurious and elegant gifts. Combining multiple items into a gift basket is a great way to share the joy of essential oils with someone you love.

Essential oils are excellent for body and self-care. Oils like lavender and juniper berry can be combined with lotion to make a soothing, moisturizing cream with an excellent scent. Eucalyptus oil combines nicely with bath bubbles for a soapy solution to congestion and breathing problems. Drops of oil can also be added directly to bathwater to scent and condition the water. For an after bath treat, combine peppermint oil with foot cream and massage into sort, tired feet and dry heals.

The trick to creating great gift items with essential oils is to dilute the oils with base oil or mix the scented oils into unscented bath and beauty products. You can shop for shampoos, conditioners or lotions that are made with natural ingredients and combine them with your favorite scented oils. Create several products with the same scent, fill attractive containers with the products and fill a basket with several of the bath-time goodies. Add a fluffy towel, scented candles, a bath pillow and a CD of soothing music and you have created a wonderful gift that promotes relaxation and stress reduction.

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