Easing Anxiety with Essential Oils

by tracey

chamomileAnxiety is a common problem, but in some rarer cases, it is extremely severe. Anxiety can leave a person feeling depressed, anti-social and frustrated with life. In some instances, anxiety is is so overwhelming, it has a severe affect on a person’s quality of life. Though essential oils might not be enough to completely cure anxiety, they offer natural relief from symptoms. If used early in a bout with anxiety, they might even curb an attack. 

Lavender oil is one of the most effective oils for easing tension and anxiety. Lavender oil comes from the purple tops of the lavender plant. It has a variety of uses including promoting cell growth, healing burns, balancing the skin’s natural oils, easing muscle tension and high blood pressure, as well as helping with respiratory and menstrual problems. Mix it with base oil for a relaxing massage oil or add it to bath water for a sooth bath. To ward off anxiety with a restful night of sleep, sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on a washcloth and toss the cloth in with sheets while they dry. Spraying a blend of lavender oil and water on bed linens also helps, but spray darker, printed sheets to avoid oil stains.

Chamomile also offers anti-anxiety benefits. Chamomile oil eases stress and tension, offering a feeling of peace and patience. It eases headaches and insomnia and can help regulate the menstrual cycle. It helps balance emotions, so women who experience anxiety as a result of premenstrual syndrome might find it helpful in warding off PMS symptoms. Chamomile also helps relieve hypertension and eases the pain of headaches.lavender2

If left untreated, anxiety can create serious health and emotional problems. The next time your body feels tense and tied in knots, anticipate an anxiety attack and use lavender or chamomile oils as a way to naturally ease your stress.

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