Eliminating Foot Odor with Essential Oils

by tracey

Food odor is an unpleasant experience for the person with the offensive feet, as well as everyone around him. Though there are plenty of products on the market designed to eliminate food odor, using natural products like essential oils is safer and longer-lasting. Instead of masking the foot odor with unhealthy and unnatural chemicals, you are neutralizing it with essential oils and other natural remedies.

Use a blend of tea tree oil and sagefeet or geranium oil to eliminate foot odor and create a pleasant smell in your shoes and socks. Both of these oils have anti-fungal properties, so they are able to eliminate the cause of the odor, as well as the odor itself. Lavender and rose oil both have strong, pleasant scents, so if sage or geranium is not an option, you have other choices. The oils can be blended with water and sprayed onto your feet and into your sneakers, or you can massage the blend directly onto your feet because it is diluted with the tea tree oil.

To eliminate odors and moisture in your shoes, sprinkle baking soda into them in the evening and let sit overnight. Create a scented backing soda mix by placing the powder into a sealed jar with four to five drops of essential oil. Be careful not to use too much because the powder will turn to paste. Enjoy a footbath by heating water, adding black tea and a few drops of essential oils. The acidic properties of the tea control the bacteria that causes food odor and the oil creates a pleasant odor for the bath that lingers on your feet.

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