Essential Oils and Depression

by tracey

Depression is a disease that affects many families. For some, a doctor’s treatment is necessary and the problem is a long-term challenge. Others deal with occasional bouts of depression and the problem can be overcome with lifestyle changes. It is a disease and it does create biological changes within the body, but there are still natural ways to ward off depression and ease mild symptoms when they do occur.

Essential oils are one of the best mild treatments for depression. In addition to offering benefits on their own, oils can be paired with other treatments for a complete depression treatment. The oils may not directly affect the underlying causes of the disease, but they can help ease specific symptoms and break the cycle of depression.

The key to using essential oils to treat depression is to find the right balance of oils for you. You want to bring your physical, spiritual, and intellectual selves into harmony. There are several oils that offer an uplifting or calming effect. Creating the right combination of these oils to help you ease your depression may take some time, but you should eventually find the right blend for you.

Bergamot is one of the most popular anti-depression oils. It is a citrus oil, so it has a bright, uplifting scent. Unlike some citrus scents, though, the aroma is softer and easier to tolerate, and lacks the pungent sour smell of some citrus oils.

Neroli is another example of a soft citrus scent that uplifts and brightens. It balances the energies in the body and comforts the mind. Most people find it is best for treating emotional exhaustion and calming frantic nerves. It also helps to release emotions that have been neglected and helps bring you back in touch with your feelings.

If you want to blend these citrus oils with something to help calm nerves and promote rest, chamomile is a great option. It is known for its sleep-inducing qualities and is one of the best oils for easing a troubled mind. Combined with uplifting citrus oils, it helps brighten the mood and put you at ease.

Though it is a good idea to use an oil like chamomile for calming, you do not want to overdo it with oils that slow things down when depressed. It is better to combine calming oils with ones featuring a bright, uplifting scent. Your goal is to improve your mood and bring everything into harmony. You are seeking emotional balance and too much of a restful oil could produce the opposite effect of what you want.

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