Essential Oils and Depression

by tracey

Depression can either be caused by situations and events, or by chemical imbalances in the body. For some, depression is temporary, but others deal with depression on the ongoing basis. Chronic depression is a problem typically caused by chemical issues, but it can be triggered by an event. If a person is predisposed to chronic depression and a tragedy or difficult event occurs, it can launch the person into a chronic depression. Though people suffering from depression should work with a medical depression to create a complete treatment plan, essential oils can ease the symptoms associated with depression.

A number of oils can help fight depression. The brighter the smell the more likely it is to boost a person’s mood. Choose fragrances from the citrus family, as well as fragrances such as peppermint or eucalyptus. The more you enjoy the fragrance the greater the benefit. You can even combine oils until you get a blend that is pleasing to your sensory palette.

You can also use the oils in a variety of different ways. Diffuse the oils throughout your entire home for an ongoing sensory experience. Add the oils to a warm bath to relax your physical stress and boost your emotional balance. Another great way to use essentials oils to combat depression is during sleep. Create a linen spray with water and several drops of essential oil and spray your bed before retiring for the night. The oils will help you sleep more restfully, which is important if you are dealing with stress, a life crisis, or chronic depression. After smelling the fragrance throughout the night, you will awaken refreshed and feeing better.

Though there is no simple solution for the difficult events we face in life, essential oils can help take the edge off intense emotions. If you want a natural way to ease depression, experiment with oils until you find a fragrance or blend you enjoy.

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