Essential Oils and Oral Health

by tracey

Though many people think of essential oils as a natural alternative to dangerous chemicals, they often overlook the benefit of using essential oils to boost oral health. Oral health is a great indication for the health of your entire body. Dentists are able to determine the overall heath of a patient every time they look into someone’s mouth. Brushing, flossing, and avoiding foods and drinks that cause tooth decay are all important parts of maintaining good oral health. Essential oils can also help you improve the condition of your teeth and gums.

Fresh breath is a good indication of a health mouth, but eating certain foods can cause bad breath no matter how healthy you might be. For a quick and natural breath freshener, mix four drops of lemon oil and two drops of peppermint oil into two cups of distilled water. Swish in your mouth for about a minute and rinse. This is a natural way to freshen your breath and dieters swear by the rinse as a healthy appetite suppressant.

To improve the health of your gums, mix ten drops of tea tree oil, one drop of peppermint oil, three drops of lemon oil, and one teaspoon of almond oil. Apply this to your gums after brushing and flossing and you should see an improvement in your gum health and a reduction in gum sensitivity.

You can create a natural remedy for toothaches by mixing a tablespoon of almond oil, six drops of tea tree oil, four drops of chamomile, and two drops of peppermint oil. Mix the oils well and use your fingertip to apply the mixture directly to the aching tooth. This can be applied as often as necessary until you are able to see your dentist to remedy the cause of the toothache.

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, so you want to blend the oils with a base or into water to avoid toxicity.

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Audrey Flaherty 04.03.14 at 3:01 am

Thank you for this post. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It has been difficult to find usable information on the how to. You have made my weekend – not that I needed anymore work.

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