Essential Oils Enchant Your Day



Aroma Body Beautiful: Make Your Own Essential Oil blend


This gorgeous blend will leave the delicate area surrounding your neck, wonderfully soft and supple. To make it, all you need is this…


Rose Neck Oil

20ml Evening Primrose oil – keeps skin moisturised and nourished

5 drops rose oil – improves complexion and keeps skin supple

2 drops frankincense oil – great for ageing skin, brings feeling of calm


Measure oil and add essential oils into a glass bottle. Shake gently. Pour a small amount into palm of hands. Rub into neck in gentle, circular movements. Use morning and night.

Can be used on the face to nourish dry and dehydrated skin.

For Your Oil Burner at Home or Work


Lounge Room

Evoke a sense of spirit and enchantment and create a mood of tranquillity. Burn in an electric oil burner:

2 drops bergamot – calms anxiety, depression, nervous stress

2 drops geranium – helps balance the mind

2 drops lavender – eases aches, pains and high blood pressure

Come on in!


Planetary Antics


Mercury Goes Retrograde on Monday 12th January at 2.40am at 8 degrees Aquarius. It can be a tricky time when communications can go haywire, get confused and misunderstood. Don’t worry if electrical things and computers play up, this too will pass. It’s best to relax and wait until early February when Mercury will again move forward.


Look Up in The Sky – The Universe, Yours To Discover


In 2009 Astronomers are celebrating 400 years since Galileo made his famous observations in 1609, which were fundamental in proving the heliocentric hypothesis – that is, the Sun lies at the centre of our Solar System.

In 1609, Galileo critically discovered four satellites orbiting Jupiter, which removed "major doubt about the heliocentric model – namely that the Earth appeared at the centre of things because only it had a satellite", Physics World.

Galileo’s contribution to science was made possible by the invention of the telescope in the Netherlands in 1608, which he improved for use as an astronomical instrument.


Check out your local astronomy group for activities in 2009.



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