Essential Oils for Arthritis

by tracey

Many people deal with the pain of arthritis on the daily basis. Arthritis is typically chronic and can be mild or debilitating. There is no cure, but aromatherapy and essential oils can help ease the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. Even if essential oils are unable to eliminate arthritis completely, aromatherapy can reduce the frequency and intensity of an outbreak. For some, even a slight reduction in pain is enough to improve their quality of life.

Essential oils that are effective for treating inflammation are usually helpful for relieving the pain of arthritis. Oils such as Roman chamomile and black pepper are anti-inflammatory oils that relax and soothe pain and inflammation. Some people have also found a blend of fennel, cyprus, and juniper helpful in alleviating the pain of arthritis. Mixing these oils with Epsom salts and adding to a warm bath is a very soothing treatment.

In addition to the therapeutic benefits of each of the oils, the touch therapy associated with applying the oils can also be helpful for relieving arthritis. Massage soothes soreness and helps blood circulate to the affected areas of the body. Soaking in a warm tub is also helpful, so in addition to the benefits of the oil blend, you also enjoy secondary benefits from the application of the oil.

Keep in mind that some treatments will not offer immediate relief. Daily baths and massages might be required for up to two weeks to fully alleviate a bout of arthritis pain. Each day should bring a bit of relief, so be diligent about continuing treatment even if the effects are mild at first. Speak with your doctor about your preferred treatment method, too. It is important to get feedback from a medical professional when dealing with a condition, even if you are using natural treatments.


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