Essential Oils for Kids and Babies

by tracey

Essential oils are able to accomplish many things, but they are sometimes too potent for those who have allergies or sensitive skin. This is especially true for children. However, if you know which oils to choose and how to dilute them properly, your children can benefit from essential oils in many of the same ways you do.

The best way to introduce babies and children to essential oils is to use the oils near them before applying them in any way. Put a few drops of oil on a tissue and place it in your shirt cuff when you are holding your child or putting them down for a nap. You can also use the oils in the dryer for their bedding by placing a few drops on a washcloth and tossing it in with the sheets. A good oil to choose for this is lavender because it offers a calming effect that is perfect for bedtime. Observe your child’s behavior in response to this exposure to oils.

If all goes well with the scents used near your child and used on bedding, try putting a few drops of oil into your child’s bathwater. Again, lavender is a great choice at bedtime, as well as chamomile, and sweet orange. If your child has had a fussy day, try a few drops of sweet orange oil in the bathwater to cheer them up. This is considered a mood-lifting oil and it will work just as well for the bather as for the baby being bathed!

The most important thing to remember if you are using essential oils with your child is to keep the dosage very low. Different oils can have different effects, so even if lavender oil helps your child drift off to sleep without a fight, you may still see negative effects with other oils. Introduce oils one at a time and carefully watch your child’s reaction. If you plan to continue the use of oils and you want their full benefits, begin an essential oils journal so you can track the reactions of your child to each of the oils. You can even use this for yourself and the rest of the family.

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