Essential Oils for Migraine Relief

by tracey

Free Pictures | acobox.comThose who have never experienced a migraine may assume it is just a severe headache, but migraine sufferers know better. In addition to the severe head pain, migraines affect your sight, cause nausea, make you sensitive to light and sound, and have the ability to leave you feeling as sick as if you have the flu. Sometimes the only relief is rest and the soothing effects of essential oils. Medical professionals do not know the exact cause of migraines, but they believe they may be triggered in different ways for different people. In some cases, dehydration, stress, poor circulation, fatigue, and a poor diet are thought to play a role.

If you suffer from migraines there are a variety of things you may be able to do to lessen the severity of the event as soon as it begins. First, do your best to prevent an outbreak in the first place. Avoid trigger foods like coffee and chocolate, and make sure you stay well-hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Schedule time to exercise on the daily basis, and take time to relax and meditate. Many migraine sufferers find that letting their stress build leads to an outbreak.

In addition to prevention there are natural treatments for easing migraine pain. Certain essential oils promote tension release, helping to ease the pain and other symptoms associated with migraines. Oils that are known for their calming benefits like chamomile and lavender work well when blended with a base oil and massaged into the temples, forehead, and neck. You can also blend peppermint with lavender to create a soothing mix that calms and clears the mind. Finally, neroli, lemon, and marjaram oils are believed by many essential oil enthusiasts to relieve the pain associated with migraines.Free Pictures |

While massage is one of the most popular methods for applying essential oils for migraine relief, there are a few other options that can be used alone or combined with massage. Place a few drops of the lavender and peppermint blend into an oil burner to diffuse scent throughout the room. This is a great idea for creating a calm environment to prevent migraines, but it also works well if you do this in a dark room while resting during a migraine outbreak. You can also create a cold compress by blending a few drops of lavender oil with ice water, dampening a cloth in the water, and applying it to your forehead. Many migraine sufferers have found cold water effective for lessening the severity of their symptoms, so combining it with essential oils offers additional relief.

A word of caution for those in the midst of a migraine attack: Do not overwhelm yourself with oils until you know how you will react. Since some migraine sufferers are sensitive to scents during an attack, it is better to sample the fragrance with a quick smell from the bottle. If you find it soothing, you can try one of the relief methods. This way the scent of the oil is not inescapable, should you react poorly.

For many, essential oils are the best way to prevent and lessen the severity of migraine attacks. The next time you feel the warning signs of an impending migraine outbreak, try a soothing essential oil blend to lessen the severity.

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Gail 02.24.13 at 11:33 pm

Hi,I am 33 and have started suffering migraines which I think are called aura migraines that first affect my vision and at first were very scary as I had no idea what was causing this. I get them about once a month before my period so think it may be to do with my hormones. I am a big fan of aromatherapy oils and used lavender through three labours and felt it helped me calm down. I’d like to know the best oils for helping with the stress and tension that comes with the menstrual cycle. X

Gitau Munene 03.30.13 at 4:47 am

I have some of the oils such as Myrr n many more.

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