Essential Oils for the Bathroom

by tracey

You can use essential oils in any room of your home, but the bathroom is one of the most popular places to incorporate oils. A wide range of oils are suitable for bathroom use, so if you are looking for natural solutions to common dilemmas, try a few of these solutions.

Cleaning Your Body

Cleaning your body is one of the most important things you can do for self-care. Showering and bathing help you feel refreshed, wipe away the grime of the day, and provide you with quiet time alone. You can incorporate oils such as lavender and chamomile into a bath to relax, or use oils in your shower to clean your skin and hair. Homemade shampoos, shower gels, and soaps can be scented with a variety of oils. Try eucalyptus and mint to fragrance shampoo for an invigorating wake-up or add citrus oils such as lemon and orange to shower gel to revive.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Your body is not the only thing that needs to be cleaned in a bathroom. In order to keep bathrooms clean and germ-free, they need regular, in-depth cleanings. Essential oils can be used to disinfect the toilet and sink, which also leaves the room smelling fresh and clean. Choose oils such as lemon and pine for a deep-down clean.

Helping with First Aid

If you want to stock your bathroom’s medicine cabinet with natural solutions, essential oils are a must. Toss store-bought medical sprays in favor of natural remedies for treating burns, cuts, and scrapes. Tea tree oil is useful for treating a variety of ailments.

Creating a Pleasant Environment

Remember, your bathroom should feel comfortable and clean. You can use your bathroom as a retreat from the rest of the world, as well as for utilitarian purposes. Adding the scent of essential oils to the space helps it feel cleaner and more inviting. Relaxation is important in the bathroom and you can enhance the serene feel of the space by adding sachets and potpourri scented with essential oils. Even if you have only a small space and you want minimal clutter sprinkle a few drops of your favourite oil into the cardboard of the toilet paper roll. A waft of fragrance will drift through the room every time the roll is used.

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