Essential Oils for Weight Loss

by tracey

weightLosing excess body weight and maintaining a healthy weight is one of life’s most difficult challenges. Exercise and healthy eating are usually enough to keep a person healthy, but finding the motivation and time to accomplish these tasks is daunting. Luckily, there are natural ways to support weight loss efforts. Essential oils used in combination with a healthy diet and fitness plan boost mood and help a person feel his or her best. Though essential oils do not directly contribute to weight loss, they can be incorporated into a healthy weight loss plan.

Bergamont reduces stress, which is one of the most common triggers for binge eating. The scent stimulates the endocrine system, producing a sense of well-being and calm. When stressful situations arise triggering the urge to overeat, dab a few drops of bergamont oil on a cloth or tissue and inhale deeply. The oil can also be added to a warm bath or placed in a diffuser.

Peppermint oil is often used as a digestive aid, calming an upset stomach and alleviating gas, nausea, and bloating. The oil might also contribute to weight loss by stimulating the feeling of a full stomach. Prior to eating, take a few deep inhalations of peppermint oil. You can also sip peppermint tea prior to and with your meal. Research has shown those incorporating peppermint into meal times eat less and feel more satisfied.peppermint

Sandalwood is best known for its ability to help a person resist temptation and excess. It creates a sense of calm and assists the body’s cells in combating negativity. Surrounding yourself with the scent of sandalwood can help you feel in control and prevent overindulgence. A few drops of sandalwood oil on a cloth or used as a perfume helps you maintain your willpower throughout the day, which is an essential part of dieting and weight loss.

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