Essential Oils that Fight Inflammation

by tracey

Inflammation is both a symptom and a cause of a variety of diseases and conditions. At one time, essential oils were one of the first-line treatments for treating inflammation, but now doctors prescribe medication and anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent complications from inflammation. However, studies have proven there are several essential oils that act in the same way as NSAIDS, the drugs prescribed to fight inflammation. These anti-inflammatory properties in these oils reduce swelling and pain in the body, reducing the risk of diseases associated with inflammation. Oils with anti-inflammatory properties include:

Fennel Fennel oil can be used in a topical application by adding it to lotion, massage oil, or cream. Not only does it reduce inflammation and water retention, it also keeps wrinkles away. Fennel can also be brewed in tea, which relieves digestive problems. Some studies have shown it is the anethole contained in fennel that reduces inflammation and prevents cancer cell growth.

Clove Clove is an easy essential oil to use for reducing inflammation because it has a sweet, warm flavor. It can be added to toothpaste or mouthwash, or used in cooking. It is also a natural way to freshen your breath. Clove warms the digestive system and eases digestive issues. In addition to encouraging healthy digestion and reducing inflammation, it also relieves gum and tooth pain.


Thyme Thyme can be brewed in tea, inhaled, or added to carrier oil for a therapeutic massage. Its antimicrobial properties alleviate the symptoms of bronchitis and respiratory disorders. Thyme is believed to be the most potent of anti-inflammatory oils. The anti-inflammatory property in thyme is carvacrol and research has shown it to reduce inflammation by more than 80%.

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