Essential Oils to Combat Negativity

by tracey

Feeling down could be caused by having a difficult day, encountering difficult life challenges, or being surrounded by negative people. If your negative emotions are caused by something external, it is important to do what you can to improve how you feel. Combating negativity in your environment might seem challenging, but there are a number of things you can do to “brighten” the space around you. One of the best ways to change the negativity in a space is with essential oils. Using aromatherapy alters the energy in a space and helps you feel better. Though it might not solve every bad mood, it will certainly help dissolve the negativity left in a space by certain types of people.

Not only can you use essential oils to improve the short-term energy in a space, you can also use them to cleanse a space that has a buildup of negative energy. Homes, vehicles, and work spaces can store negative energy, which will influence how we feel. You can use essential oils to cleanse a space of negative energy regardless of what caused the buildup. This means you should do periodic cleansing in your home and workspace, and you should do an extensive cleansing when you first move into a new home, buy a new vehicle, or begin occupying a new workspace.

There are several essential oils that are especially helpful when it comes to combating negative energy. Your goal is to clear stale energy and dissolve negative energy. Juniper berry is especially helpful with negative energy and it is also effective for combating colds and flu. If a space is feeling stale or stagnant from illness, juniper is very effective for bringing it “back to live. It has a crispy, sweet, earthy scent, with just a hint of fruitiness.

Citrus fragrances are also very uplifting. Lemon oil has a fresh, tart scent that makes everything smell clean and fresh. Lime oil is similar, but some believe it is a bit sweeter. Another uplifting scent is peppermint. In addition to helping a space with negative energy, peppermint is also effect for combating nausea and sinus problems. Peppermint also makes you feel more alert and combats exhaustion, so if the negative energy in a space is weighing you down and zapping your energy, a burst of peppermint scent will energize you.

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