Foot Massage Oil with Pure Essential Oils


We all rely on our feet every day most likely without a second thought. Our feet do greatly appreciate nourishing and nurturing after a long day.

Blending a gentle massage oil to apply to your feet before going to bed is heaven! Remember to put on a pair of socks to keep the gentle calming aromatherapy going all night long!

We recommend these pure essential oils in a gentle vegetable base oil:


4 drops Geranium-Rose Oil 12ml

6 drops Orange Oil – Sweet 12ml

6 drops Lavender Oil 12ml

10ml Calendula Oil 100ml

20ml Sweet Almond Oil 100ml


Mix pure essential oils with Sweet Almond oil in an airtight bottle.
Gently shake.

Apply to feet before going to bed,  or apply to feet before soaking in a foot bath for 15 minutes. This is a wonderful nightly routine to establish with pure essential oils and nourishing massage oils for your skin.


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