Full Moon – Lift your Spirit with Pure essential oils


Does your Spirit need a Lift? Pure essential oils are a very nurturing way to both soothe and lift the Spirit.

On Monday 15th September 2008, there was a FULL MOON at 7.15pm EST 22o 54’ Pisces. Today Sunday 21st September we have a 3/4 Moon in Gemini, preparing for the New Moon on Monday 29th September in Libra.

This FULL MOON brings to fruition liberation from the past, a sense of fulfilment, illumination or revelation. The light of illumination often means re-orientation of everyday activities or a new outlook on matters. Old patterns are revealed or illuminated for what they are, matters have come to a head, you have the opportunity to resolve and heal yourself and others.

The Moon in Pisces can unite the mind and heart with feelings of compassion, devotion, unity, Love/wisdom energy or you may feel like withdrawing and being alone, or if it is all too much emotions may be driven to negativity, excessive drinking, drowning your sorrows. All in all, take care of yourself and your body at this time. A 3/4 Moon encourages you to share what you have learnt and disseminate new ideas.

Essential Health Australia’s special this month to Lift your Spirit are:

  1. Orange oil – 12ml pure essential oils – Reviving when lacking energy, giving positive feelings.  Normally $21.50, now $17.20
  2. Juniper Berry oil  – 12ml pure essential oil – The Great detoxifier. Normally $17.95, now $14.40
  3. Clary Sage oil – 12ml pure essential oil – This warming and relaxing oil eases stress related conditions, giving feelings of wellbeing, an excellent pick me up for the nerves. Normally $17.00, now $13.60 

I love this blend burning gently in my electric oil burner – lifting my Spirit! 

v     6 drops Orange pure essential oil,

v     1 drop Juniper Berry pure essential oil,

v     2 drops Clary Sage pure essential oil.

This month’s inspirational focus:

“I am at one with all that is. I am Love. I AM.”

 May Your Spirit be Lifted and we unite in our similarities rather than separate on our differences ! 

 Trace    email: tracey@essentialhealth.com.au

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