How Essential Oils Enhance Massage Therapy

by tracey

massageEven people who have never purchased essential oils for personal use might be exposed to their benefits when having a massage. Though some therapists use lotions during their massage, the majority incorporate essential oils and aromatherapy one way or another. Even if lotion is used on a client, the lotion usually has a blend of ingredients that includes essential oils. This is because essential oils are so effective at achieving the goals of a massage.

Essential oils enhance the overall experience of a massage. They promote relaxation, increase positive stimulation, soothe muscle pain, and help feelings of overall well-being. Speak with your massage therapist about your goals for your massage session. He or she can choose specific essential oils to use to enhance the experience. If you prefer lotion during your massage, your therapist can incorporate essential oils in other ways, such as burning a specific oil or spraying the massage bedding with an oil prior to the session.

Essential oils are also helpful for easing skin conditions. A massage is an excellent way to apply healing oils to your skin, which can help calm problems with itching and rashes. If you suffer from a skin condition, speak with your massage therapist in advance. There are oils he or she will need to avoid and oils he or she can use to ease the symptoms associated with your specific condition.

If you enjoy regular massage therapy or you have a massage planned for the near future, you can use essential oils to enhance the experience. Make the most of your next massage with essential oils!

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