KILL Headlice Naturally

by tracey

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Get rid of head lice today – our 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer product will kill headlice without harmful chemicals and leave the hair soft and sweet smelling.

Where do the headlice lay their eggs (nits)?

The louse lays many tiny eggs on the hair about 1 cm from the scalp. The eggs stick to the hair so hard, you cannot pull them off. After about a week, a young louse hatches from the egg. The empty shell stays glued to the hair. It is called a nit. As the hair grows these nit egg shells move down the hair until removed.

The key is to BREAK THE HEADLICE BREEDING CYCLE. Use 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer on Day 1 and AGAIN on Day 7 and maybe even AGAIN on Day 14 to make sure that eggs that were NOT removed from your child’s head have NOT hatched headlice.
Say NO to “Nelly the Nit”

headlice-2bottleimage100% Natural Headlice Blitzer & Beater.

·    No added chemicals
·    No alcohol, which can cause stinging
·    5 Essential Oils not just one
·    Headlice Blitzer & Beater have been selling since 1995


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