Lift Your Mood

by tracey

Did you know? 

Your emotions are completely linked to your physical health and wellbeing.  Your state of mind and your spirit has a direct and powerful link to your immune system. Which is why, by healing our emotional state, essential oils can leave us feeling both healthier and happier thus enhancing our life…Pure Massage Oila

These pure essential oils can help Lift your Mood:

Petitgrain pure essential oil 12ml:

Has a soothing action on the emotions. Effective on anger, panic, depression, anxiety, fear, nervous stress and insomnia. Refreshes the mind and gives assurance when feeling down or weak. A sedative to the nervous system, slows breathing and relaxes muscles. 

Frankincense pure essential oil 12ml:

Slows breathing, gives feeling of calm. Elevating and soothing on the mind. Helpful for anxious states and post natal depression. Great for aging skin. Soothes the stomach, helping with digestion. 

Cypress pure essential oil12ml:

Strengthens the mind and soothes anger.  
Eases heavy menstruation, hormone imbalance, P.M.T., effects of menopause, varicose veins and haemorrhoids. A tonic to the circulatory system.


  1. Blend 4-6 drops of these pure essential oils combined in 20ml base oil
    For example Sweet Almond oil OR Apricot Kernel oil
  1. Use 6-8 drops in your Electric Oil Burner
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