Massage Oil Recipe for Emotional Mood Swings

by tracey

Massage Oil Recipe Body Rub Blend Mood SwingsEmotional UpheavalRelaxation

Is it Tax time for you? End of Financial Year? Money concerns? Life stress getting to you? Whatever may be the cause of your Mood Swings, essential oils really do make a difference and I love Geranium Rose oil as it is a nurturing and gentle oil from nature.

Use this massage oil recipe to rub into your body before relaxing in a warm bath, or before going to bed so you can experience a natural relaxation.


6 drops pure Geranium-Rose oil

20ml Blended Base oil (ie. water dispersible Aromas Plus)

How to Make:

Combine pure essential oil with base oil in a small airtight bottle. Gently shake. Massage your whole body, or at any time during the day massage your arms, hands and wrists so this soothing aroma can lift your spirits throughout the day. Let me know how this beautiful massage oil recipe helps you.

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