Massage oil to Detox Your Body


Restore health and vitality by eliminating uric acids and excess fluid using this blend of pure essential oils in a natural base oil.

Mix these pure essential oils with this water resistant vegetable base oil and keep in an airtight bottle. Shake gently. Use as a daily body massage oil.

The best result is achieved by using the Detox pure massage oil as follows:

  1. Use a body brush to exfoliate the skin
  2. Take a Shower or Bath, gently dry yourself
  3. Then apply Detox pure massage oil blend after your shower or bath and rub well into your skin.
  4. Do not use on your delicate facial skin.


Juniper Berry is a great detoxifier. It helps the digestive system, regulates appetite and eliminates uric acid.

Cypress oil strengthens the mind and soothes anger. It eases heavy menstruation, hormone imbalance, P.M.T., varicose veins and haemorrhoids. It is a tonic to the circulatory system.

Rose Geranium Oil keeps skin supple and improves the complexion. It is great for hormonal, P.M.T. and menopausal problems and helps bring balance to the mind. It has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, helping the body dispose of waste.

You will feel refreshed and detoxed and also nourished and nurtured with these gentle pure essential oils in a blended massage base. I know I do!

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