Mindfulness Meditation Australia

by tracey

My name is Tracey Stranger, author, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, Microbiologist, Mindfulness Meditation teacher. Natural health and healing is my passion in life. Our body is an amazing vehicle when we nurture and nourish mind, body and soul in our daily life. Mindfulness Meditation is a simple and joyful way towards a healthy, natural, fulfilling life and lifestyle.

My constant companion is Noddy, a 3 yr young Jack Russell that found me in an animal rescue shelter in Melbourne, Australia. He meditates daily with me.

I have just purchased a Motorhome to tour around Australia endlessly teaching Mindfulness Meditation, helping people and families that live mostly out of cities and in the small towns and countryside around Australia.

Here is a picture of my new Motorhome and my travelling companion, Noddy

Visit our website www.MindfulnessMeditationAustralia.com to discover when we will be in a town near you


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