Motivational Oils

by tracey

With all of the medicinal benefits of essential oils, their most basic accomplishments are sometimes overlooked. Fragrance is a powerful mood booster and essential oils can be used to brighten and uplift from the outside in. This can be especially useful as we enter a New Year and face new challenges. If you are trying to improve your outlook on life and accomplish more, essential oils can help.

Essential oils most useful in brightening a mood and motivating your spirit are oils with a bright, invigorating smell. Think of how you feel different when you inhale the scent of warm bread versus the scent of lemons. Both smell delightful, but one is soothing and comforting, while the other is bright and fresh. Those bright, fresh fragrances are the ones that make you want to get up and get going.

If you are looking for a boost to help you tackle New Year’s resolutions, organizational tasks around your home, or tasks to help you become a better person, utilize essential oils with an invigorating scent. Eucalyptus, mint, and citrus oils are all fresh and bright. Eucalyptus and peppermint clear your breathing passages, and oils such as lemon and orange help you feel fresh and light. Keep a vial of an uplifting oil near your bed for an early morning sniff or use these scents in your morning shower to get going early in the day. Later in the afternoon as your energy starts to wane, dab one of these refreshing oils on your wrists for a quick pick-me-up. No matter how lofty your goals in 2012, these oils will give you the energy needed to achieve.

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