Natural Stress Relief with Essential Oil

by tracey

Lavender1When it comes to managing stress with essential oils, there are two powerhouses that should be in everyone’s collection. Lavender and chamomile oils are two of the most effective oils for relaxation and tension relief.

Lavender oil comes from the purple tops of the lavender plant. It promotes the growth of new skin cells, helps heal burns, balances the skin’s natural oils, eases muscle tension, eases high blood pressure and helps with respiratory and menstrual problems. It can be mixed with base oil and used as massage oil, added to bath water or burned in an electric burner. To get a restful night of sleep, sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on a washcloth and toss the cloth in with sheets while they dry. Spraying a blend of lavender oil and water on bed linens also does the trick, but avoid spraying light, solid colored sheets because the drops of oil might stain.

Chamomile is often associated with tea, but the oil serves the same relaxation purposes. Chamomile oil eases anxiety and tension and offers a feeling of peace and patience. It eases headaches and insomnia, regulates the menstrual cycle and balances emotions. Women suffering from premenstrual syndrome or cramping might find chamomile helpful in eliminating monthly pain and discomfort. Chamomile also helps relieve hypertension and eases the pain of headaches.chamomile

Stress and tension are a natural part of life, but if left untreated, will create serious health and emotional problems. The next time your body feels tense and tied in knots or your mind will not shut off to allow rest, consider lavender or chamomile oils as a way to naturally ease the stress burden.

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