New Beginnings – Build your Self Confidence

by tracey

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timemoneyAs we near the end of Financial Year, time to say goodbye to the year gone by and welcome the New Financial Year. Money is energy, energy is neither created or destroyed, it just goes around. So what new beginnings and new intentions will you set for the Financial Year ahead?

To help build your confidence use these gentle pure essential oils.
Burn in your electric oil burner or create a massage blend:
6 drops Lemongrass Oil 12ml
6 drops Lime Oil 12ml
6 drops Orange Oil – Sweet 12ml
50ml Blended Base Oil 100ml
I love our pure and natural handmade aromatherapy soaps, so soft and nourishing for the skin.
Lovely Lemongrass pure essential oil vegetable soap.
Our soaps are handmade from the finest ingredients that nature has to offer, gathered from around the world.
Moisturising Palm Kernel Oil for the base, Organic Vegetable Dyes for colour and Pure Essential Oil plant extracts are used for their therapeutic and aromatic qualities. This product is free of caustics, animal products and is not tested on animals. You will find this to be a superb soap, with a luxurious lather which is gentle to your skin.

As Above, So Below

1stqmoon-1It is a 1st Quarter Moon right now. The Moon is half light and half dark.
Energy is building up to the Full Moon. Dane Rudhyar called this a time of “crisis in action.” Make decisions and forge ahead with what you began 7 days ago at the New Moon.
Start to put into action the foundation to build the month ahead. Work with the energy of the planets.

Also, Check out your local astronomy group for activities in 2009.


As Deepak Chopra says in his book Power, Freedom & Grace:

deepakpowerfreedomgraceOur body, our mind, our emotions — everything in our physiology is changing moment to moment, depending on the time of the day, the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and even the tides. Our body is part of the universe, and everything that happens in the universe ultimately affects the physiology of our body. Biological rhythms are an expression of the rhythms of the Earth in relationship to the entire cosmos, and just four rhythms — daily rhythms, tidal rhythms, monthly or lunar rhythms, and annual or seasonal rhythms — are the basis of all of the other rhythms in our body.

Tidal rhythms also have an effect on our physiology. These rhythms are the result of the gravitational effect of the sun, the moon, and the stars in the distant galaxies on the oceans of planet Earth.

We have an ocean within us that is similar to the oceans of our planet. More than 60 percent of our body is water, and more than 60 percent of our planet is water.

So we experience a low tide and a high tide, and the tides ebb and flow in our own physiology. When we feel out of sorts, our body is out of synch with the body of the universe. Spending time near the ocean, or anywhere in nature, can help us to synchronize our rhythms with nature’s rhythms.

“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.”
Deepak Chopra MD

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