Oils Men Will Love

by tracey

-ylang-ylangIt may seem as if the essential oils market is geared mainly toward women, but the truth is, men can benefit from the effects of essential oils just as much as women. Men’s oil preferences may be scents that are less floral or feminine, but options like sandalwood, patchouli, or pine, make great options for scenting a man’s car of office, using for cologne or aftershave, or adding to a base oil for a relaxing massage.

If a man is looking to treat a specific problem with essential oils, he may need to opt for a scent that is not traditionally considered masculine. For instance, for a problem like acne or dandruff, geranium-rose oil will work well, and the man may need to cope with the more feminine scent in order to benefit from the affects of the oil. However, in a case where he wants to use essential oils for relaxation and stress reduction, lavender oil works well, but he also has the more masculine alternative of sandalwood. Keep in mind it is also possible to blend oils to create a more masculine scent while still enjoying the benefits of each specific oil in the blend.

Certain essential oils are great for treating issues that are of special concern to men. Some essential oil blends are thought to stimulate hair growth. Oils like sage, rosemary, and carrot seed can be massaged into the scalp or mixed with an unscented shampoo and applied to the scalp. Men interested in increasing their libido without relying on pharmaceuticals can try oils like sandalwood, jasmine, and ylang ylang, or an aphrodisia blend of several oils, all thought to offer a libido boost.EucalyptusLeaves

If you are shopping for essential oils for a man and you know he would prefer more masculine fragrance options, choose oils with an earthy or spicy aroma, like sandalwood and ylang ylang. Other options include black pepper, cedarwood-atlas, and clary sage. Clean scents like eucaplyptus and pine are also great for men. The best way to expose the man in your life to oils is to offer him a few options and see what he likes best. In no time, he will be enjoying the benefits of his favorite oils.

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