Oils to Brighten Your Mood

by tracey

Sometimes for no reason people get into a funk. They might be tired or their diets might be less than perfect or the weather might be less than desirable. If you find you are feeling blue and you need a pick me up, try essential oils. Exposing your senses to the brightest, most stimulating oils is a great way to feel better and life your emotions.

The best oils for brightening a mood are those with a fresh, spirited scent. Citrus oils such as lemon, limetangerine, and orange have a mood lifting affect that can last for hours. Try a few drops in an oil burner or mix the oils with water to create a scented room spray. Another option for a bright scent is pine oil. The fragrance is similar to a lush forest and will have you feeling better in no time. Peppermint and spearmint are also options for brightening your mood. It produces mental alertness, so if your blue mood has you feeling foggy it will make a big difference.

Essential oils that mimic the bright smells of nature are usually best for lifting one’s mood. You will want to avoid soothing scents like lavender or musky, heavy scents like sandalwood. These are pleasant fragrances under the right circumstances, but if you are feeling sluggish and sad, there are better fragrance choices.

Though some blue moods are caused by serious issues or circumstances, there are times when a sad mood requires nothing more than a quick fix. The next time you are feeling as if you need a mood brightener, consider an uplifting essential oil.

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