Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

by tracey

Oranges are always great to see, eat and sip. Never heard of orange pure essential oil? The pure and sweet forms of orange oils are grown organically in many countries. Sweet orange essential oils are produced from the Citrus sinensis tree and native to south-west China, India & Spain.

Sweet Orange (Citrus Auranthium)This is one of my favourite oils with its tangy aroma.  Sweet  Orange oil can be used:

– to lift your mood to feel refreshed, cheerful and warm and less stressed

– help alleviate flatulence

– stimulate the lymphatic system

– improve digestion

– has a high content of Vitamin A, B & C

Chinese medicine has used dried orange peel to help with coughs and colds.

To help you sleep at night we recommend our Sleep Tight blend of pure essential oils which contains this smooth citrus essential oil of sweet orange. Massage this oil gently on your skin, your arms, back, chest before you go to bed at night. The gentle aroma’s will calms and nurture you through the night.

The Sleep Tight Blend contains: SleepTight100

Sweet Orange pure essential oil – helps calm the mind and lift emotions

Neroli pure essential oil – relieves stress, anxiety and nerves

Roman Chamomile pure essential oil –  eases anxiety and tension

Frankincense pure essential oil – elevates and soothes the mind

Blended with premium cold-pressed Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel and Macadamia Nut Oils.

At Essential Health Australia we have a range of organic pure essential oils and an extensive range of most other pure essential oils. Whether for your electric oil burner at home or in the office, I wish the gentle aromatherapy of pure essential oils nurture and nourish you daily!

Uplift your day with Organic Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil!

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