Organizing Essential Oils

by tracey

The start of a new year often includes goals for getting organized. Those who collect and use essential oils know how important organization is when it comes to their oils. Keeping things orderly saves a lot of money, helps you utilize oils in the best way, and makes it possible to feel great about your use of essential oils. Though organization systems can be very personal, there are a few tips everyone should follow.

Storing oils properly prevents them from oxidizing. When oils oxidize, they lose their aroma and therapeutic potency. Keeping oils stored properly means you will not have to replace unused oil as frequently. There are some oils that mature with age, similar to what happens with wine. Sandalwood and patchouli are examples of oils that mature, but they still need proper storage.
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Essential oils storage containers come in a variety of sizes. Make sure you have a collection of clean bottles in different sizes so you can divide larger containers of oil into smaller vials when necessary. Bottles with droppers will cause your oil to deteriorate faster than those with the plastic reduction insert. Using dark containers that are amber or cobalt in color also keeps oils fresher for longer periods of time. Be sure to label your oil containers carefully. You might think you can tell the difference just by smelling the oil now, but weeks from now this could be impossible. Labeling prevents mix-ups.

Once your oils are bottled correctly, store them in a cool, dark place. You might want to use small wooden boxes or crates for your oils to keep the bottles from rolling and spilling. You can arrange the bottles of oil in these boxes alphabetically, making each oil easy to find.

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