Pure Essential Oils – A perfect Xmas Gift

by tracey


Here we are almost at the end of another year, where has 2010 gone? Pure essential oils are a wonderful gift from nature any time of the year.

But with Xmas looming closer, if you are on the look out early for a nurturing, nourishing, 100% pure essential oil, then let me help you with a few Pre-Xmas suggestions:

Pure Essential OilsPure essential oils and massage oils to stimulate, relax or nurture your soul and tantalise your senses to help you feel good. Deeply Nurturing or Uplifting!

Pure Essential Oil Massage Oils – Carefully blended pure essential oils in a natural base oil of sweet almond, apricot kernal, macademia oil (cold pressed). Simply Divine!


Mother & Baby Range – Especially formulated for New Mums to nuture and nourish your skin back to youthfulness, and gentle oils for baby to be soothed and nurtured in 100% natural aromatherapy. A beautiful gift!

Aromatherapy Oil Burners – Electric oil burners safe in your home with no burning candle and water to spill. Simply plug-in and allow the gentle aromatherapy to fill the room. Ahh…Harmony!

KawenaMeditationCDMeditation CD’sKawena’s Meditation CDs for Adults & Children to help you relax and find a magical and safe place in your mind that is always there for you. Peace of Mind!

Inspirational Books – “Reconnect with the Heart, Remember the Soul” by Elizabeth Joy.

This beautiful book of poetry is an inspirational and spiritual work that uses acronyms and affirmations along with meditations to convey its special messages. Poems on Life, Karma, Forgiveness, Peace, Birth and Death to name just a few to help you live more in harmony with yourself.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful gift at any time of the year.

To reduce the temptation for Stress and Xmas shopping, think ahead and consider a truly pure gift from nature with pure essential oils or massage oils, meditation CD or Inspirational books.

aromatherapyHappy Xmas Shopping!

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