Pure Massage Oils for Relaxing


Pure Massage Oils are a wonderful way to relax and nurture yourself for the Full Moon tonight, Saturday 10th January 2009.

This Full Moon is in the Constellation Cancer which signifies taking care of yourself in a gentle and nurturing way.

I love Essential Health Australia’s RELAXING MASSAGE OIL which can be used as a massage oil or you can massage your body before you INDULGE in a warm bath and allow the beautiful nurturing aroma’s drift in the room.


Geranium Rose: gives balance to the mind and has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system.

Ylang Ylang: excellent for excitable, nervous, stressful situations, balances hormones, good anti-depressant.

Lavender: helps ease high blood pressure, eases muscular aches and pains.

Bergamot: calms anxiety, nervous tension and stress.

Nurture Yourself and Your Family and Friends. Enjoy!

 Look Up in the Night Sky and see the Majestic Moon.

 2009 is International Year of Astronomy – The Universe Yours To Discover!


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