Pure & Natural Soaps

by tracey

When bathing and caring for the body it makes sense to use products that are close to nature as possible. Using pure natural soap is a great way to stay in touch with the pure sources that are at work in our bodies.

Pure natural soap is different from normal soap which you can find in many stores today. The apparent difference is the soap making process use less chemicals and often no chemicals at all.

I love the natural goat soaps. You can visit my website at http://www.essentialhealth.com.au to see the full range of Natural Handmade Vegetable Soaps and Goatsmilk Soaps.

Milk based soaps have recently been rediscovered due to research that shows the benefits to our skin when in contact with products containing whey protein and lactic acid.

Lactic acid helps smooth the skin by exfoliation, and milk contains Vitamins A and D, that naturally softens and moisturises the skin.

Goatsmilk Lavender & Patchouli
Lavender Pure Essential Oil ~ Promotes growth of new skin cells, balances the skin’s natural oils, excellent for skin conditions and burns. Eases muscular aches and pains. Tonic to the heart, eases high blood pressure. Good for respiratory and menstrual problems.

Patchouli Pure Essential Oil ~ Curbs appetite, so helpful with weight reduction. Helps rid water retention and cellulite. Offsets heavy sweating. Has a grounding and balancing effect on the mind and emotions. Banishes lethargy and sharpens the wits. A well known aphrodisiac!

Goatsmilk Rose Geranium ~ Keeps skin supple, improves the complexion. Great for hormonal, P.M.T. and menopausal problems. Gives balance to the mind. Keeps infection at bay, has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, helping the body dispose of waste.

Nurturing and Nourishing yourself is important. It really is the little things that count for so much. In the midst of hectic days, remember to take out your pure essential oil or massage oil blend and gently put a few drops on your wrists, neck or body so you can be uplifted by the natural aroma of these gifts from Nature.

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AndrewBoldman 06.04.09 at 9:41 pm

Hi, good post. I have been woondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

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