Romantic Essential Oils

by tracey

One of the most common uses for essential oils is for massage and nothing says romance like a relaxing massage. Though any oil works for massage, some are more romantic than others. From musky, soothing scents to bright florals that uplift your spirits and create a sense of love, these oils are the best romantic essential oils.

Some essential oils actually have aphrodisiac qualities. Pairing oils such as jasmine, sandalwood, and ylang ylang with a base oil creates a sensuous massage oil. If you are looking for a message blend to push away the stresses of the world and help you focus on your partner, these oils work well.

Vanilla and almond scents are also great for romantic massages. Some research shows that vanilla scents are stimulating for men. At the very least, these oils are comforting and help you feel secure and relaxed.

Citrus oils can also be romantic because they are stimulating. Orange oil is not traditionally considered a romantic scent, but the bright, fruity aroma stimulates your mood and can create feelings of love and euphoria. Orange oil pairs well with bergamont and ginger, which tone down the intense citrus and creates a refreshing blend.

Chances are you can find your own unique blend of oils that help you feel romantic. Since you are trying to enhance a mood, as opposed to treating a specific issue, personal taste will be a bigger factor in choosing just the right oil for romance. Try different oils during your romantic encounters and see which are most appealing to you and your partner.

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