Saving Money with Essential Oils

by tracey

Some people view essentials oils as a luxury. They think replacing products they currently use with essential oil is an extravagance they cannot afford and they are unwilling to make the switch unless they have extra spending money or a special occasion. Unfortunately, this could be costing them more than they think.

If you have viewed essential oils as an unnecessary expense, now is the time to change your thinking. Essential oils should be first on your list of necessary items for your home and life. As a matter of fact, many essential oils can serve as money-saving substitutes for products you have been using for years.

Consider the cleaning products you currently have in your home. Chances are you purchase several products every month and each of them has a very specific purpose. You might invest in a cleaner for your bathroom, another for your kitchen, another for your carpet, and still another for the laundry. What you should know is that you can replace every one of these cleaners with basic household items and essential oils.

One bottle of essential oil may cost more than a single cleanser, but the usage you get from that one bottle is equivalent to 10 bottles of store-bought cleaners. A few drops of essential oils mixed with baking soda or water creates a supply of cleaner that lasts for several days or weeks. Suddenly that seemingly expensive bottle of essential oils provides several months’ supply of cleaner. Best of all, you need only one bottle for all of the areas of your home. You not only save money, you save space and frustration.

So the next time you think you cannot afford to splurge on a bottle of essential oil, think again. Investing in essential oils for your home and health can be one of the smartest financial decisions you ever make!

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