Scenting Your Home with Essential Oils

by tracey

Most people love filling the rooms of their home with fragrance. Everyday, houses are filled with smells from cooking food, pets, children, and household cleaning. Sometimes these are pleasant smells, but on many occasions they are not. Even pleasant aromas can be overwhelming when you smell them on the constant basis. Anyone who has sautéed onions or garlic knows the delicious scent gets old fast, especially after you have enjoyed your meal and you are ready to move on.

If you are looking for a natural way to fill your home with pleasant aromas, essential oils are a great solution. Commercial room sprays and air fresheners are usually filled with dangerous chemicals. Even certain kinds of candles can damage air quality in a home. Essential oils scent the air safely and naturally. They also provide a wide variety of choices as far as aroma choices.

Choosing Your Oil

Choose your home fragrance oil based on the season. Light, flowery scents are usually best for spring, while heavier fragrances are better for colder months. Musky scents such as sandalwood and patchouli smell great when there is a chill in the air. Certain fragrances such as pine and cinnamon are also great for the holiday season.

Essential oils can be warmed to increase their potency. Put a few drops of oil on a light bulb or use an oil burner to heat the oil. You can also use essential oils for cleaning, so the fragrance will permeate the entire room. Citrus scents such as lime and lemon are great for cleaning and provide a refreshing, fruity scent in the home.

Homeowners who enjoy having a natural, fresh smelling home will love using essential oils to scent the air in their house.

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