Self Confidence Massage oil blend


1st August, 2008 at 8.15pm in Australia (EST) we have a New Moon in the constellation Leo. Leo the LionHeart has many endearing qualities, some of those being self confidence, leadership and fun.

This Self Confidence Massage Oil Blend is a natural uplifting body rub. 

Blend these 3 pure essential oils with a base oil such as Apricot Kernal or Blended Base oil.

Use as a body rub in the morning after a shower and feel invigorated with more self confidence to live your dreams and drive your passion. Inner strength and confidence adds to determination and achievement, just like the Olympic Games athletes about to strive their personal best in Beijing. You too can strive for your personal best, your dream, your inspirations and passion.

This Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Leo brings the opportunity for Universal Love, compassion, kindness. Be kind to yourself, to others and spread that to all of humanity. Nurture yourself, or your partner, or children with this Self Confidence massage oil blend.

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