Stressed? Essential oils to soothe the mind, body & soul!

by tracey


Essential oils to soothe the mind, body & soul!

These essential oils are considered to be effective in helping to relieve stress:

BasilBasil essential oil is derived from the leaves of the herb and have been found to be very useful in easing mental and intellectual fatigue and negativity. Basil also helps enhance concentration, enthusiasm and clarity of thoughts. It is green in colour and has a fresh, sweet aroma. Often used in stir fry for wonderful flavour and aroma.

CinnamonCinnamon essential oil is obtained from the bark of the cinnamon tree. Cinnamon is considered to be effective in enhancing optimism, fight stress and anxiety. This essential oil has a warm and sweet aroma. Wonderful to add cinnamon powder as a sweetener to tea, hot milk and indulge in warm and nurturing cinnamon toast. Mmmm.

CedarwoodCedarwood essential oil can help improve concentration and strength of purpose. Cedarwood also works well in relaxing mental strain and worry and is soothing to the nerves. It is amber in colour and can be obtained from the wood of the cedar tree.

There are many ways you can use pure essential oils:

  • Electric oil Burner
  • Blend with vegetable base oil to create a massage oil blend
  • A few drops in a warm bath to de-stress and relax
  • A few drops in purified water as a room spray

De-Stress Your Day with the Magic of Pure Essential oils today!


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