The Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

by tracey

massageSandalwood is one of the best known oils in the world. Even those unfamiliar with essential oils have usually aware of sandalwood. The oil is extracted from the Santalum genus plan and has played an important role in religious ceremonies since before Biblical times. In addition to having a pleasant, relaxing aroma, sandalwood oil is also known for its medicinal properties.

Sandalwood oil is anti-inflammatory. In general, anti-inflammatory agents reduce swelling. However, its benefits are more extensive than the type of external swelling you might experience from a bug bit or if you sprained a joint. Internal inflammation is associated with serious illness. Some studies have even linked inflammation and cancer. Health experts recommend foods and activities that reduce inflammation to reduce your risk for a variety of medical problems. Sandalwood oil can play an important role in your anti-inflammation plan.

Sandalwood also features antiseptic properties. Those who use essential oils for healing recommend it for fighting bladder infections and regulating the digestive system. It can also ease the pain and itching associated with bug bites and exposure to poison ivy. It is one of the most effective oils for treating a variety of skin conditions, including acne and dry skin.

Keep in mind essential oils must be diluted before applying directly to the skin or taken internally. If you are applying to an irritated area of the skin, dilute with a base oil. If you are taking sandalwood oil internally, mix the recommended dosage into water or tea. Sandalwood oil is more expensive than many oils, but it typically lasts longer. A little goes a long way, so most users agree sandalwood is a smart investment for your essential oil collection.

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